Quality Assurance

Our thorough approach to quality control supports the fundamentals of ensuring our clients receive consistent, high-performance cleaning on a consistent basis. Quality is at the heart of each janitorial program we design for our clients. Therefore, we believe our quality plan is more than just results; it is our way of doing business.

Overview of Our Quality Control Program

01. Our Operation Team

COA recognizes that quality control is an ongoing process. In addition to daily fulfillment inspections conducted by a supervisor, each facility is closely monitored and inspected by an operation team member on a periodic basis. Our quality control program consists of both regularly scheduled visits as well as unscheduled visits to each site. Furthermore, our operation team submits monthly inspection reports for evaluation.

02. Our Project Team

At COA, a project manager is assigned to every site to improve the overall quality control during the day. The project manager’s responsibility consists of controlling day staffs, as well as maintaining a direct relationship with each client.

03. Customer Service Specifications

Because every building can be different in nature and needs, COA designs and establishes site-specific quality plans and working specifications. This contributes to a well-maintained facility and improves and prolongs our relationship with you.

04. Qualified Staff

Our staff is the most important factor in providing quality service for our clients. Our human resources team only seeks qualified prospective employees on an ongoing basis for general cleaning requirements. In addition, each employee receives a comprehensive background investigation as a part of our employment procedures.

05. High-Level Training

COA has many talented and qualified employees in all levels of supervision. All employees receive certification using both web-based and in-service training. When new staff begins in either a day or evening position, a qualified supervisor will assist and train them according to the site-specific training manual.

06. Transition Plan

Transition is always a delicate matter. COA’s experienced operation team will prepare a well-organized transition plan for every newly contracted building to make this move as smooth as possible. To ensure a timely conversion, we will complete your transition from the management to the building crew within 24 hours.

07. Sustainability Standards

Since 2004, COA continuously seeks better cleaning solutions that are environmental friendly and healthy. We combine the best practices by adopting the standards, which include VOSH, CIMS, LEED GS-42, OSHA, EPA and CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute).

Our quality control process follows the site-specific scope of work and the data generated by both our customers and our inspections. This data is then analyzed to track performance. This ongoing process keeps track of how we perform and whether we meet our scope of work on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

The key elements fulfilled by Quality Control Management include:

  • Review the scope of work
  • Conduct inspections and evaluate client feedback
  • Collect data
  • Create reports and analysis
  • Review all reports and analysis and make necessary adjustments

Web-based quality assurance software links all members of the team from janitorial management to building owner to custodial team. COA uses a software system to allow our operations team to save and track inspection reports as well as customer requests and comments.

Our quality assurance software includes:

  • Facility manager morning reviews
  • Open service requests
  • Billable work orders
  • Periodic work due today
  • Yesterday’s quality inspections
  • Completed corrective action
  • Client requests with automatic notification to supervisors
  • Custodial team employee attendance
  • Assign updated employee work plans
  • Effective planning and communications
  • Quality inspections management and tracking
  • Inspection summary quality reports
  • Building owner review
  • Facility management review
  • Green inventory utilization

To manage and direct our staff, COA provides every property with a supervisor that is keenly interested in servicing that property and attaining the high standards our clients expect.

COA also believes in investing in our greatest asset — our employees. COA staff members are highly trained and consistently uphold the company’s standards of excellence. We are able to provide professional service at competitive prices and in an expedient manner because of our ability to deliver strong, moral and effective employees that respond to our clients’ needs and requests. 

Our employees are recruited through a number of sources and thoroughly screened.  The screening process includes personal and professional reference checks and comprehensive background investigations. Citizenship or eligibility to work in the United States is confirmed. Once accepted for employment, the employee is enrolled in the appropriate courses in COA’s training program.

Quality is our compass and is a standard measured at every level of the company. We believe quality assurance begins with the individual cleaner and is reflected throughout our entire organization.

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